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Hemp extract drops CBG 500 mg + CBD 500 mg Broad spectrum 10 ml

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Product Information

Stress and tension are the constant companions of a person living in today’s world. Focus on your most precious asset – health – with CBG + CBD cannabis extract.

  • Each 10 ml bottle contains 500 mg (5%) CBG and 500 mg (5%) CBD. Due to the broad spectrum formula, the drops also contain other cannabinoids such as CBD, CBC and naturally occurring terpenes and flavanoids. However, unlike full-spectrum drops, the broad-spectrum product has 0% THC.
  • We love nature and strive to be responsible, so our products are not tested on animals. This hemp extract is produced using clean-grown hemp seed oil on our farm, and the extract is extracted using the safest and cleanest CO2 technology.
  • The product is manufactured in a certified factory that meets the standards of Good Manufacturing Practice GMP, which ensures 100% quality and compliance with the relevant requirements.
  • Developed and tested in the laboratory. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

What is CBG + CBD?

CBG is cannabigerol, one of 113 cannabinoids. This element is found naturally in the hemp plant. CBG is not psychoactive. CBG is found in lower amounts in hemp plants than other cannabinoids. Only 1% of CBG is found in most plant varieties, compared to 20-25% of CBD. Recent research is increasingly looking at the benefits of CBG. CBD is an abbreviation for the word ‘cannabidiol’. It is one of 113 cannabinoids. This element is found naturally in the hemp plant. CBD is not psychoactive.

How to use CBG + CBD?

Each body responds individually, so when you start using a new product, you should try different amounts of drops until you get the right amount for you. You can start with 2-3 drops and monitor your well-being. Apply to the desired area of ​​the body as needed. If you feel there is no effect or it is not enough, increase the amount of drops.

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